General Nursing & Midwifery Course (GNM): 3/1/2 Year
(Diploma Course)
Eligibility For Admission -
(a) Fresh candidates :
(i) Age : Candidate must be 17 years old till August of the same year of admission.

(ii) Minimum Qualification : Minimum Qualification shall be 12 years of schooling (10+2) or its equivalent with 45% for SC/ST).

(iii) Residence Status : Preference will be given to the candidates who are residents of Punjab as per Department of Personnel letters no :- 1/3/95-3PPI/9619, dated 6th June 1996 and No. 1/2/95-3PII/81 dated 1st January 1999.

(iv) Medical : The candidate should be medically fit.

(v) Preference : Preference shall be given to those who have passed 10+2 or its equivalent with science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

(b) Promotes

(i) Age : No age limit for candidates applying through proper Channel, who are already in Government service.

(ii) Minimum Qualification :
(a) Candidate should be a Registered ANM with the Punjab Nurses Registration Council.
(b) The candidate should have passed 12 years of schooling (10+2) or its equivalent.

(iii) Medical : The candidate should be medically fit.

SYLLABUS – Syllabus will be in accordance with the instructions issued by Indian Nursing Council from time to time. Duration of the Course shall be three years.


(a) The Annual Examination Shall commence wef 15th September every year.
(b) The Examination Forms must reach

- before 20th July every year Without late fees
- upto 31st July every year Rs. 5 /- per student (Late Fee)
- upto 31st August every year Rs. 50 /- per student per day (Late Fee)
- After 31st August no examination from shall be entertained.
(c) The promote ANM candidates will appear for all the examination in the Theory and Practical as per the scheme of examination for Fresh candidates.
(d) The promote ANM candidates are exempted for six months during third year.
(e) The students may write their answers in Punjabi, Hindi or English.

(a) A candidate shall be eligible for appearing in the examination if the Principal of School of Nursing certifies that :--
(i) She has completed not less than 11 months of the course.
(ii) She has attended 75% of formal instructions given on each subject and 75% of the field clinical experience in each area/subject separately during the academic year. However, the total clinical/field experience prescribed must be completed before the final council examination and before the issue of Diploma and Registration.

(a) The Supplementary Examination will commence on 15th March every year.
(b) If a student fail in one theory paper/practical, she shall be promoted to the next year of study. She would sit for supplementary examination in the failed subject/practical. If she fails to clear supplementary examination she shall be allowed to sit again along with her next year annual examination. She shall not be promoted to the third year of study unless she has cleared all the papers of first year of study.
(c) If a student fails in two or more papers or practical she shall not be promoted to the next year. She shall sit for supplementary examination in the failed subjects/practical only. If she doesn’t clear the supplementary she can appear in the next main examination. She shall be promoted to the next year of study only after clearing the papers either in supplementary or in the main examination. She shall be eligibility for the examination of the next year of study after one academic year from the passing the last examination (main/supplementary).

(a) A candidate shall be eligible for appearing in the examination if the Principal of School of Nursing certifies that:--
(i) She has completed course for at least 15 months.
(ii) She has attended 75% classes in theory, practical and field work. The overall performance of the student and her conduct during the entire academic year has been satisfactory.
(iii) The student has passed in the internal assessment in each subject i.e. both in the teaching and practical by securing 50% marks separately in each theory and practical.

(b) Record of Practical experience is to be completed. The Principal of School should send Internal Assessment marks of each subject and Practical to the Council on or before 28th February every year.
(c) No Examination Form shall be entertained without Enrolment No. issued by PNRC.

Council shall conduct Supplementary Examination on 15th September every year. The student shall re-appear only in the failed subject/subjects. She shall be given maximum of 5 attempts to pass the examination.

The following conditions would apply to admission in GNM & ANM Course.
(a) The admission should be purely on merit of 10+2 marks for GNM Course and Metric for ANM Course.
(b) Preference shall be given to those who have passed 10+2 or its equivalent with science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry & Biology for GNM Course.
(c) The admission would be finalized by 31-8-2008 and classes would commerce from by 1-9-2008.
(d) If the seats in any institutions remains vacant then one month grace be given and admission should be finalized by 30-9-2008 and no admissions shall be allowed after the cut off date 30-9-2008.
(e) If at any stage, it is found that the candidate/institution has supplied any false information in the admission form, then her candidature for the course shall be cancelled and the recognition of the institution shall be withdrawn.


(a) Appointment of Examiners: 50% Examiners from Punjab State and 50% from outside the state of Punjab. The Registrar shall complete all the process regarding the completion of Examination. The Registrar shall be fully responsible for any irregularities.
(b) Qualification of Examiners: Nursing tutor with minimum 5 years teaching experience (recent) in a particular subject may be appointed as paper setters and examiners for that particular subject only.
(c) Question paper should have a combination of essay, short answer and objective type question (Situation based Questions).
(d) All units of a subject and sub-subject should be given due weight age in accordance with the instructional hours prescribed in the syllabus of Indian Nursing Council.
(e) Examination Superintendent: Examination Superintendent shall be Principal Tutor of the Institution where examination is to be conducted.
(f) Invigilator: Invigilator shall be from the institution other than the host institution.

Practical Examination is to be conducted in the respective clinical area.
(b) Nursing tutor with the minimum of five years of teaching experience (recent) in particular subject/clinical area may be appointed as practical examiner.
(c) Not more than 10 to 15 students are to be examined in a day.
(d) Internal and external examiner shall jointly evaluate each candidate for practical examination.


(a) Unfair Means:
If during an examination, candidate adopts any of the unfair means listed below, the Supervisor / Invigilator will make a note on the answer books of the candidate before it is sent to the Registrar. The Registrar will submit such Answer books along with comments of Invigilator / Supervisor to the Sub Committee will conduct enquiry and recommend punishment which will be approved by the President of the Punjab Nurse Registration Council. The Unfair Means comprise of:
(i) Talking to any other candidate.
(ii) Talking to a person inside or outside examination shall during the examination hours without prior permission of invigilator / Supervisor.
(iii) Copying from answer book of other candidate.
(iv) Copying from some paper/book note or any other method.
(v) Impersonation.
(vi) Any other undesirable activity.

(b) Punishments:-
The punishment may be:
(i) cancellation of the paper of the candidate
(ii) or whole candidature
(iii) or even expulsion from nursing school for a period specified or forever according to granting of punishment.