Living Rooms
There are 70 rooms for girls in the hostel. These rooms are equipped with one study table, chairs, and cupboards. There are 2 to 3 girls in each room. All the rooms well ventilated. Proper lighting & airy.

Sick Rooms
There is one sick room in the hostel. It is equipped with 3 beds, cupboards, hard bed with Mattress.

Visiting Room
There is one large sized, airy & well ventilated visiting room. It is equipped with 1 sofa set, 55 chairs and one table.

Common Room
There is one common room in girl’s hostel. There are 8 study tables & 16 chairs. It is also well ventilated, airy & proper lighting etc.

STD & Local Call Facilities
There are also the facility for students to local & STD cal facility to their parents.

Accommodation of Married Teachers & Warden
There are also the facilities for the accommodation of married tutors outside from the hostel with 2 rooms, 1 toilet bathrooms & kitchen.

There is also the facility for the accommodation of warden inside the hostel with 2 rooms, 1 toilet bathroom & kitchen.

Accommodation of Single Tutors
There is also the facility for 2 unmarried teachers with a large size room& attached bathrooms.